Primesymbol Consulting Limited was incorporated with the aim of providing IT solutions in the area of computing and related high technology discipline. We handle implementation, consulting and research assignments for national and international organizations in many disciplines.

When we opened our doors for business in June, our objective was to achieve a healthy corporate growth through provision of quality but affordable Information technology (IT) services to our clients. We provide IT solutions to customers in virtually all sectors of economic activities.Selecting the right solution is not an instant process. Our first task is to find out everything we can about your business, your plans and exactly what you require from your system. This begins with an appraisal of your existing system, the structure of your business and your working methods.

We identify problem areas and then make recommendations that will provide immediate benefits to your business whilst taking into account your planned future growth This analytical process is complete only when we are satisfied that we have learnt every relevant detail of your operation. This exercise is usually executed by our project team made up of industry specialists, chartered accountants, system engineers, hardware engineers and sales consultants all of whom have varied experience acquired through their involvement in many national and international companies and projects.

Our process improvement solutions help businesses to strengthen their process, thereby improving the quality of their operations, and leading to cost savings. Most of our solutions in these areas are presently back-end solutions and covers Accounting, Human Resource/Payroll. These Solutions are implemented by team of certified implementation partners. These partners not only help you deploy technology, they also help in redefining your processes to make the best use of the technology and of course where there is need to redefine the technology to work with your processes.